Square Enix Eidos takeover set to complete in May

Today it is looking incredibly likely that Square Enix will end up being the proud new owners of UK game publisher Eidos, developers and publishers of famous series' including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Hitman.

Square Enix's original bid was considered surprising and out of the blue but shareholder support is rapidly growing with their bid now boasting the support of around 48% of the company shareholders including the support of media giant Warner Bros, who own a 20% stake in Eidos.

Eidos shareholders will meet on 27th March for a special meeting where shareholders will discuss the acquisition bid. In the plans for the meeting it is detailed that suspension of Eidos shares should then take place in late April.

Following this, Square Enix's purchase of Eidos should be completed early in May as long as there are no distracting factors to slow the deal.

Eidos has studios in the UK, USA, Canada and Denmark and the acquisition is part of Square Enix's overall plan to break out of the Japanese titles they make and offer more titles catering to Western tastes.

Eidos previously ported and published Final Fantasy VII and VIII on PC for Square Enix in the 90s.

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