FF13 to have no DLC

The latest issue of Dengeki Playstation over in Japan has revealed some more information about the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII, which is still on target for this year.

The magazine revealed that developers have now completed the Story and Scenario, and Graphics are around 80% complete. Currently, the team is focused on refining and perfecting the game's battle system in time for release.

They also revealed that all the screenshots and videos released so far are from older builds of the game, and the game has moved forward quite a way from what has been shown so far.

Most importantly of all, the developers were asked about potential Downloadable Content for the title. They said at the time that there are currently no plans for any Downloadable Add-Ons for FF13, which will please many fans, especially after other JRPGs have offered level-ups and powerful items for purchase via DLC.

FF13 is still on target for a late 2009 release in Japan, and a demo will be released there next month alongside FF7 Advent Children Complete. The game will arrive in the West in 2010.

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