Crystal Bearers website holds a secret

Square Enix yesterday announced the grand opening of the currently rather empty Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers website. However, it seems the website holds some secrets past what can currently be seen.

When visited, the website offers a trailer which has been available for some time alongside the teasing statement "More visits, More Movies!"

It appears that every time somebody visits the site, a shard of light fills the crystal at the center of the design. When the crystal fills completely, fans will unlock a new section of the website.

Another interesting aspect of the website is that the game appears to have already been rated. In European territories the game displays a PEGI rating of 12+. For this rating to be given the game must've been submitted to PEGI even partially, so it appears that the game is further along in development than most thought.

Stick with us for more information on Crystal Bearers as we get it, and head on over to the website to help unlock more information a little faster.