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Watch a short clip for Deep Down

Sure, Deep Down will not quite live up to the original trailer, but it still looks pretty sharp. Not to mention, the soundtrack is incredible if you have seen any of the TGS on-stage footage of the title.

Today, Capcom Online Games shared less than a minute of story footage from the game featuring some fierce-looking monsters backed by somber English dialogue and tense piano playing. 

It's good news for fans who want to get their hands on the game on this side of the coast that it seems so import-friendly, very similar to how Demons Souls was when it came out. 

deep down will go into open beta sometime around the launch of the PS4 in Japan (February 22nd). Capcom has not said whether they intend to bring the game here, but hopefully there is a method for fans over here to get a chance to play it.

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