Bravely Default demo now available in the U.S.

Bravely Default has been out in Europe for a bit now, but those in the U.S. have to wait until February 7th to get their hands on the 3DS title.  Thankfully, a demo was released yesterday to help ease the wait of the game's release.

What's interesting about this demo is that it's a small, separate story from the full game, so it's worth giving a try just because you wouldn't have to tread old ground.  You're given a decent amount of classes to experiment with, and a few dungeons to roam and quests from villagers to complete.  Also, you can begin StreetPassing other people in the game, allowing you to get a head start on rebuilding you village.

Finally, you can even port some of your progress into the full game--specifically, up to 20 StreetPasses you obtain and any items packs you unlock by completing certain tasks.  Character and job levels, as well as any items or magic you buy, will not transfer up.

If you want to give the Bravely Default demo a try, head on over to the 3DS eShop and give it a download!