Valkyria Chronicles DLC dated and priced for Europe

Sega have today announced the release date and pricing for the Downloadable Content for Strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles in Europe.

The DLC will arrive on April 16th, and will retail for £3.19 or £3.99 each.

There will be three DLC scenarios for download. The first is Hard EX Mode, which makes the game harder. The second is Edy's Mission "Enter the Edy Detachment" - telling the story of Edy when he and five other men seperate from their squad and come across an Imperial position.

The third and final DLC option is "Behind Her Blue Flame" - a mission that allows you to play on the other side of the conflict and fight behind enemy lines.

Valkyria Chronicles was one of our top scoring games of 2008, but has struggled to perform at retail.

We'll bring you more on the Content when it arrives, including our full impressions.