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Project Phoenix is still taking pledges

Project Phoenix was a pretty successful Kickstarter project from last year, managing to raise over one million dollars towards the development of the RPG/RTS hybrid, over ten times the original amount.  Only snipets about the game have been revealed since then, but there is decidedly more information out now about the project than before.  This would normally lead to a bit of regret from those that didn't originally back the project, but not this time.  You can still pledge to the project via PayPal on the project's site.  Of course, there are still incentives for pledging to the project, even if it's not on Kickstarter; pledging $70 or above now can net you special in-game items (such as the Shadow Companion and Shadow Steed) that you couldn't get via the Kickstarter project.

There is no release date for Project Phoenix yet.

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