Conception II - New screenshots

Atlus sent out assets this afternoon detailing the main character's best friend, Chlotz. 
"Boy," you think to yourself, "Chlotz sure is a weird name." And you're right! He has an older sister named Chloe (the redheaded heroine), and she kind of set the trend for the family. It's the first day of school, and despite being told that you're a possible savior of mankind, it's still nice to have a buddy in your corner who's always got your back.  In Conception II, the blunt but well-meaning Chlotz takes on that role. He admittedly is a bit of a doofus and a perpetual third wheel to God's Gift when it comes to interacting with heroines, but he's also a technical wizard and is constantly training to be a better Disciple. Like Ruby, the lead researcher, often notes: "For being an idiot, he's pretty smart."
You can check out the other screenshots below.

And a friendly reminder from Atlus

  • Conception II is launching in stores and digitally in North America on April 15! ($39.99 for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS!)
  • ATLUS is publishing Conception II in Europe in Q2 as a digital-only title! 
  • All North American pre-orders of Conception II and a limited first-run of physical copies will include the bonus soundtrack CD
Conception II Screenshots
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