Kingdom Hearts released on the DS

The new Kingdom Hearts game for the DS has officially been released in Japan. Players once again control Roxas, and the story deals heavily with the not-as-mysterious-anymore Organization XIII. Things to look forward to include multiplayer missions and chat system, limited touch-screen capabilities, and some explanation as to what the hell "358/2 Days" means.

The worlds in the game are Agrabah, Halloween Town, Never Land, Wonderland, Beast's Castle, and Olympus Coliseum, the World that Never Was, Twilight Town, and Castle Oblivion.

Unlike KH:CoM, we are back to normal playstation-esque Kingdom Hearts gameplay. Real time battles happen on the top screen while the map and useful information is shown on the lower screen. The big difference now is that the game is divided into missions that move the story along. Further, the game features a panel system used for items, weapons, magic and even leveling. Apparently, leveling in this game requires you to buy/otherwise acquire a level up panel once you've gotten enough XP.

The release date for North America or Europe has not yet been announced, but hopefully it will be out in the fall.

The stunning graphics of cutscenes. The graphics gap between the quality of videos and gameplay never ceases to amaze.
This looks important.
Wow. Just can't get away from the island.
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