Fairy Fencer F arriving in the West in the Fall


The pedigree is strong with this title. Featuring concept art from one Yoshitaka Amanao, character models from Tsunako, and music from legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu and his band Earthbound Papas (the two latter ones having worked together on the Neptunia series), Fairy Fencer F is a turn-based RPG that focuses on a young man named Fang who has come across a weapon called a "Fury" imbued with godly energy made up of the life force of a fairy. After ripping one of these beings from the ground, he becomes known as a Fencer, wielders of these Furies, and forever alters the course of his destiny.

You can check out the first English trailer for the title below. The game is slated to release this Fall, and will feature dual Japanese and English voice tracks.

Fairy Fencer F Screenshots
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