Weapon Shop de Omasse hits the eShop today

In Nintendo's most recent Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Level 5's final Guild 01 game, Weapon Shop de Masse, would finally hit the 3DS eShop on Febuary 20th.  Now, that day is here, and now everyone can enjoy comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai's unusual game.

In Weapon Shop de Omasse, you rent weapons out to (would-be) heroes for them to complete quests.  You make weapons for your shop with a rhythm game of sorts, where tapping the touch screen at the right time (and using fire and water appropriately) help you make powerful weapons.  Finally, you can keep track of the heroes' progess via the Grindcast, and warn them of danger so they don't fail... and lose your weapons!

Below is a launch trailer for the game.  Check it out: