New Ragnarok Odyssey Ace trailer

The folks over at Xseed have released a new trailer for the upcoming enhanced rerelease of Ragnarok Odyssey Ace.  Today's new video shows off the newly rebalanced in-game class of Sword Warrior. See it for yourself below.

In addition to releasing the video, the company also took the opportunity to confirm a bunch of the Day-One DLC that will be available for the game, as well as details on its cost.

Owners of the original Ragnarok Odyssey release will be treated to the Archer’s Apple, Bunny Hair Band, Floppy Cat, Gunslinger, Majestic Horns, Ninja, and Taekwon Kid free of charge as a little 'thank you' from the developers for their loyalty. All other users, people brand new to the game, can pick up a package containing all those additional items for $0.99.

Meanwhile, a Grandia set, a Ragnarok Odyssey Collection, and a BGM Music collection will all be available as free DLC to all players as well - not a shabby deal. 

That's not even all the free stuff - the Royal Ball Outfit and Gorgeous Headwear will also be free, but only for the first two months - then those items will be bumped up to $0.99 and $2.99 respectively.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is scheduled to release in North America for Vita and PS3 on April 1.