Survive Niel Riverside in Natural Doctrine

Kadokawa games has released a new look at its upcoming PlayStation family-based Tactical RPG Natural Doctrine today in the form of a new video, offering an in-depth look at some of the fantasy-styled game's combat in motion. 

Following on from yesterday's video, today's gives us a detailed look at a full-length skirmish that takes place at the Niel Riverside. This video provides a much better look at what the game is like being played in real-time in comparison, and clocks in at a hefty 13 minutes - if this game is on your radar, this should definitely be one you need to watch.

In addition to combat, this new video also gives a great little look at what the in-game world map looks like as it's being navigated, and also offers a glimspe at the menu systems for customizing the loadout for carious characters in the combat party. There's also plenty of the game's lovely music, composed by Noriyuki Asakura.

Natural Doctrine is set to be released on April 3rd for the PS4, PS3, and Vita in Japan. There has been no word of a Western release as of yet, but we're crossing our fingers for one.