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Customization runs deep in Kingdom Under Fire II

The development team over at BlueSide have put together a new video of Kingdom Under Fire II, their upcoming Real Time Strategy and RPG hybrid that's making its way to PC and PlayStation 4. The title also features some Massively Multiplayer elements, and runs on the FAME Tech 2 engine - so media released has a lot to show off.

In this newly released video for the upcoming title, BlueSide shows off a vertical slice of the many character customization options that the final title will provide players with in order to give them a unique experience in the online aspect of the game's world. As any good RPG fan would expect, there's a lot of lovely slider bars, which gives hope that no two characters will look alike - always a worry in a game with a heavy online component. There will, of course, always be those players who just lazy it up with the default character... but they can't be helped!

It has to be said that the game is looking gosh darn pretty in its current state, and I really am digging the character designs - especially the mountain of armor that is the Berserker.

The game is currently on for a staggered release - Korea and South East Asia will see it first in the first part of this year, while Western fans will get their hands on the PC version in mid 2014 if all goes well. The PS4 version will then launch closer to the back end of the year. As launch approaches, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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