Two new Conception II character trailers

The folks over at Atlus USA has released a couple of new trailers for their slightly controversial new dungeon-crawler, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars.

Conception II has come under fire for some of its themes - which, as the name suggests, heavily features gameplay concepts linked to breeding in order to create warriors. In a sense it's similar to Persona's demon-nurturing system, but with people creating other characters - though they're referred to as dolls. Couple that with anime stylings and young-looking characters and its a recipie for fireworks in the West - but we have to commend Atlus for localizing the title at all. 

The newly-released videos feature and introduce the genius genius teacher Chloe and the eclectic Ellie, both of whom will be accompanying players on their RPG journey. See them for yourself below.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is set to release in North America on April 15, while European gamers will have to make do with a vauger date of 'sometime' in Quarter 2 of 2014.

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