Makai Shin Trillion wants to help you build a demon harem

Compile Heart has released the first trailer for their upcoming RPG Makai Shin Trillion. In a description that anyone who has played a Disgaea title would know by heart, the game takes place in the Netherworld that is under control by the demon king Zeabolos. After being killed at the hands of a god (who evidently has a Trillion HP), he is brought back to life by a mysterious girl named Faust. Her along with six demon kings - whom each take on the name of the deadly sins: Pride, Jealousy, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust - must tie their feelings together to rise up and defeat the evil god (I don't know what happened to Wrath; you'd think that would be a good name for a king with a cool eyepatch or something).

The director for Disgaea 4, Masahiro Yamamoto, will be directing the game with character designs handled by Kei Nanameda who also helped on Mugen Souls. Tenpei Sato will thankfully be composing the music for the game.

Makai Shin Trillion is set to be released on the Playstation Vita later this year in Japan. I am really liking the character designs.