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Drakengard 3 - third tier pre-order items and art director interview


Square Enix earlier this week unveiled the final tier of pre-order bonuses for Drakengard 3  in North America. Players who pre-order Drakengard 3 at the Square Enix Online Store will receive six free PSN themes featuring Zero, her dragon companion Mikhail and the four Disciples: Cent, Octa, Decadus and Dito [pictured above]. Those who pre-order through Amazon will obtain download codes for three costume color variations for Zero [pictured below].



Additionally, you can check out a video interview with Kimihiko Fujisaka, the Art Director for Drakengard 3, where he speaks on the inspiration behind the game’s key characters and the game’s design process. 

Finally, the remaning chapters for the prequel novella are now available for reading. Chapters featuring “Two,” “Three,” “Four” and “Five” that delve in the background of each character’s namesake can be read at under the Novella section.

Drakengard 3  is now available for pre-order for $49.99, as well as for digital download on the PSN. A Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition was also announced, which is tagged at $79.99, also a Square Enix Store Exclusive. For those in Europe, Drakengard 3 will be a digital only title, available on PlayStation Network on May 21st. Europeans do have a chance at grabbing their own Collector's Edition, although it includes a download code in lieu of a disc.

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