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Become acquainted with new characters in Atelier Shallie

Gust released new information and media for Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.

Three new characters were introduced: Kortes, a young warrior whos serves as Shallistera's protector; Teokhuga, an old shipbuilder and father figure to Shallistera; and Nady, Shallote's mother. In addition, details on field actions and exploration were also released. These are known as 'Life Tasks", which appear as speech bubbles for the player to complete as they progress through the game. These tasks will be tailored to the player's playstyle, whether that is more alchemy-oriented or combat-oriented. Completing these tasks can result in changes in monster spawns and harvest points.

Check out character artwork and the screenshot batch below.

Atelier Shallie Screenshots and Artwork

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