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Conception II Launch Trailer

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars releases today in the United States on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. To commemorate, Atlus USA has one final trailer for the game, featuring cinematics and gameplay in this dungeon crawler. RPGSite will have a full review of the game up within a week, but in the meantime, feel free to ask us your questions either in the comments here or on Twitter @RPGSite.

Atlus is bringing Conception II to Europe later this Spring as a digital only title.


Atlus has revealed some information about how they are handling DLC. Two Monokuma (from Danganronpa) quests will be added in May for free, and other DLC will start rolling out each week. The details for dates and prices can be seen under the "Extras" section of the Conception II website. In addition, Atlus announced that the European release is set for May, although there is no hard date quite yet. There will be a demo available as well

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