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Tales of Zestiria's fifth character revealed - screenshots

Famitsu has revelaed the fifth party member for the upcoming Tales of Zestiria. Her name is Laila and is designed by Mutsumi Inomata. She is an instuctor and a member of the "Heavenly Tribe. She is known to have strange fantasies at times, and even seemingly gets into a marriage contract with main character Thray. She fights uses pages of paper.



Some details on the battle system have also been revealed. Combat revolves of two different types of arte attacks, much like Tales of Graces F. Human characters use close range base artes, which are quick attacks to set up arcane artes used to deal heavier damage. Heavenly Tribe characters (known as Tenzoku) alter bwtween mid-range physical attacks and long range spell-type abilites. If you were a fan of Graces F's take of the combat, be sure to keep Zestiria on your radar.

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