Before & After Kickstarter trailer released for Divinity: Original Sin

Larian Studios has today released a new trailer for their forthcoming Kickstarter-funded RPG, Divinity: Original Sin, alongside the confirmation that the game will release on PC, Mac and Linux platforms on June 20th.

Looking better and better with each release, the latest video for Divinity: Original Sin showcases a game absolutely drowning in polish; aptly displaying a deft mixture of combat, exploration, crafting, puzzle-solving and more.

In short, Larian Studio's Kickstarter effort is looking like one of the better western RPG's to be released in a while, seemingly effortlessly encompassing a style harkening back to the CRPG's of yesteryear but brought bang up to date with contemporary aesthetics and style to spare.

The full and quite dizzying array of Divinity: Original Sin's ambitious feature-set can be seen here, on Larian Studios official website.

Furthermore, folks can catch up with Divinity: Original Sin on Steam Early Access, where the game has been doing the rounds for a little while now.

In the meantime though, feel free to treat your eyes with the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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