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Three more characters revealed for Atelier Shallie

The official website for Atelier Shallie updated with introductions to three more characters and several screenshots. One returning character is Solle Grumman - A 26 year old official with a sharp tongue and a mind for money. New characters are Jurie Crotze - A 20 year old loner treasure hunter who also has an interest in history, and Miruca Crotze - a quiet 16 year old who keeps a small studio.

More details were also given about the battle system. A burst gauge in the upper right corner of the screen is filled by performing actions in battle, and activates a "burst mode" when full. This increases attack power and allows the use of powerful special moves and combination attacks. Chaining your attacks together increases a chain counter, which also increases the damage power of abilities and finishing moves.

Atelier Shallie is set to release in Japan on June 26th. A localized release has yet to be officially announced, but the Atelier series has a good localization track record recently.

Atelier Shallie Artwork and Screenshots

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