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Two new characters introduced for Atelier Shallie

Two more characters have been revealed for Atelier Shallie. First is Wilbell, a witch in training who returns from Atelier Ayesha  and Atelier Escha and Logy. Second is Homura, a snobbish homunculus swordsman. Many screenshots have been released showing these characters as well as the alchemy system found in the game. Multiple items can be combined to create an entirely different item. The player can pick up to four items to use, and determine the use order as well apply a latent characteristic. Attributes are also important to pay attention to when monitoring chain bonuses. Check out the images below!

Atelier Shallie is set to release in Japan on July 17th, while a localized release has yet to be announced.

Update: A gameplay video featuring the new characters has also been released online.

Atelier Shallie Screenshots and Artwork

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