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Screens released for Vandal Hearts prequel


Konami will release its tactically role-playing game Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment through online distribution only later this year. This prequel will be available for purchase on Xbox Live and Playstation Network. This 8-to-12 hour game stars Tobias Martin, the young hero of Sostegaria who tries to bring peace to the two kingdoms of the continent.

This, of course, depends entirely on the player, who can unlock a number of multiple endings based on their interactions with different characters, including Tobias' two possible love interests.

The battle system of the game

O noes a surprise mini-boss mebbe?!

A peek of the spikey-haired main character, Tobias

In-battle spell casting

SPOILER ALERT: Everyone dies. No matter how you play the game. Just like life.

I am so confused by the proportions on that girl.

And a video of the gameplay:


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