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Webms of From Software's Project Beast appear online

Webms of what seems like gameplay clips of From Software's Project Beast, the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, have made their way online tonight (May 30).

The game, supposedly being made in conjunction with Sony's Japan Studio, shows off environments that appeared in leaked screens of the game a while back with rumblings of an E3 reveal.

The videos are unembeddedable, so you'll have to get them here, here, here and here via NeoGAF.

The long-rumoured game comes several years after Demon's Souls release in 2008 in Japan for PS3 through Sony. Sony opted not to publish the game in the west - a decision that still weighs heavily on Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida - but Atlus stepped up to publish it in the US in 2009 and Bandai Namco in Europe in 2010.

It was from the latter's partnership on Demon's Souls that the two Dark Souls games were published in the west through Bandai Namco (From self-publishes in Japan) in 2011 and this past March 2014.

E3 choo choo.

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