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Tales of Zestiria's battle system involves fusions with other characters - Trailer

Tales Festival 2014 kicked off today, and Tales series producer Hideo Baba played a new trailer showing a generous amount of combat gameplay for Tales of Zestiria. The most intersting new aspect of the battle system is that Thray can acheive a fusion with Tenzoku characters, creating a sort of 'super' form with attributes of the elemental affinity of that particular Tezoku partner. The trailer shows Thray partnering with Laila to achieve a fiery form and new attack style. While this was the only form shown today, it's possible that other human/tenzoku pairings will have their own unique fusions as well.

In addition, a new character Zabida was also shown, with tattoos and long silver hair, wielding pistols. The showing also revealed that full-body skits will make a return, such as the ones from Tales of Graces F.


Unfortunately no release date was given at this event. A Bandai Namco community manager commented that they are working to obtain Japanese voiceovers to include like in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for the Western release, and are hoping to have the localized version released within six months of the Japanese version.




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