New media and information for Shining Resonance

Sega has released new information for upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG Shining Resonace. We already knew it stars a Dragon, Kouryuu Ilban, as the primary character, as well as Sonia Blanche, a princess-turned-Dragon Knight. Newly revealed are Agunamu, a fire slingling mage knight wielding an axe; Kirika, who uses song to sooth the hearts of dragons and resonate with them; and George Zarubado, a elite knight forces commander under command of the princess. Battles are initiated by encountering enemies in the field, which leads to a 'seamless' transition to a combat screen, which seems to be similar to Tales of Star Ocean. However, you can call on Kouryuu the dragon in certain situations as well. Take a look at all the new images!

Shining Resonance is set to release on December 11th in Japan.

Shining Resonance Screenshots and Artwork