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New Drakengard 3 downloadable content detailed

Square Enix has revealed prices and information for new Drakengard 3  downloadable content. Key among the new DLC are the Sister Prologues that offer new playable levels as the various sisters, and provide deeper insight into their backgrounds. This DLC is available today. Check out the details below.

Details of Drakengard 3’s second DLC drop include:

  • Sister Prologues: Additional prequel chapters featuring Two, Three, Four, Five and Zero in a playable level with their own unique weapons; each chapter, minus Two, contains its own unique trophy set as well ($5.99 each)
  • Sister Prologue Bundle: Contains all of the above prologue chapters, including One ($29.99)
  • Furiae’s Garb: The costume of the princess turned goddess, Furiae, from the original Drakengard, please reduce damage taken by 5% when equipped ($2.99)
  • Eris’s Garb: The garment of the youngest military commander in Drakengard 2 prevents stamina loss when guarding ($2.99)
  • Intoner Arrange Tracks: A new music pack that replaces the tracks used when Zero enters Intoner Mode ($1.99)
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