Project Beast officially announced as Bloodborne

Atmospheric. Moody. And most importantly hauntingly beautiful. From Software has a thing or two when it comes to nailing atmospheric trailers with beautiful visuals and equally stunning music. Project Beast was leaked earlier this year and it now officially has a title - Bloodborne - and it is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for additional information as it heads our way. 

UPDATE: Some more details have been revealed about Bloodborne in the latest issue of Famitsu:

Apparently, the game will be released in Spring 2015. Work on the game started right after the 'Artorias of the Abyss' DLC for the original Dark Souls. The world has been built from the ground up using the power of the PS4, and runs at 1080P/30FPS. Character customization is once again a focus, with players being able to weild both melee weapons and firearms for long-range combat. There will not be a map to refer to, and each encounter will once again have great importance like in the Souls games. Online cooperative play will also drive the experience, with a push to have players discover new things together.