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Tetracast - Episode 14: Pre-E3 Sealed Envelope Special

This year's E3 promises to be a rather big one for RPGs. The group sits down to talk about some of the things they are expecting to see from the Big 3 hardware manufacturers along with third party publishers.

This was done Sunday before the events of today, so let's take a look and see what games we mentioned that were actually mentioned during the conferences (hint: surprisingly a good number of them). We also run through some of the different appointments we will be attending during E3 proper. This episode features David Kreinberg, Save/Continue's Kyle Gaddo, UFF Founder and RPG Site Editor-In-Chief Alex Donaldson, and is hosted by Zack Reese.

You can listen to it over on SoundCloud and you can download it through here. We will have another podcast after E3 is over where we will share with you our thoughts on this week's action!

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