Tears to Tiara II to be localized


What is this madness? It appears more and more super niche titles previously isolated to Japan are finding their way across the pond. 

Well, add Tears to Tiara to the pile as Siliconera has reported that its sequel, Tears to Tiara II: Haou no Matsuei (Tears to Tiara II: Descendents of the Overlord) will be the next in a line of games to be localized.

The grid-based strategy RPG only shares the same world as its predecessor; otherwise, it contains a brand new plot with new main characters, letting newcomers off the hook. The title features character designs by Tatami Honjo who did the art for the also recently-released fighting game AquaPazza from the same developer.

You can check out the opening for the game below. There is no word on an actual release date.