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Atelier Shallie - more characters, screenshots, and gameplay clips

Gust keeps bringing the news and media for Atelier Shallie, which releases in Japan in less than three weeks. Firstly, several gameplay snippets have been uploaded to their YouTube account, including character events and a long promotional video touching on most aspects of the game. In addition, many screenshots have been shared, including combat images - showing off preemptive strikes, chain attacks, and variable strike specials.

Finally, three supporting characters have been introduced. Harry Olson make a return to continue in his adventuring ways, and Reyfer Luckberry is still out looking for treasure.  Finally, the knowledgable automated doll Odelia from Atelier Ayesha  also makes an appearance. Check out all the footage and screenshots below.

-Promotional Video-


-Character Events 1-

-Character Events 2-

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Atelier Shallie Screenshots and Artwork

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