Shining Resonance reintroduces the main protagonist - screenshots

Media Vision and Sega have released new media and information for PlayStation 3 JRPG Shining Resonance, which releases in Japan on December 11th. Two more characters are introduced, one of which I should say reintroduced, as our dragon protagonist is revealed to have a human form. 

Kouryuu Ilban is shown to hide his dragon nature and wields a large sword when in a human-like form, and he finds himself coming to terms in balancing his two natures. Another character introduced is Linna Mayfield, an elvish mage who can use wind elemental abilities in combat. She is accompanied by a mascot character, who acts as an advisor for the party.

Once again the encounter system is stated to have seemless transitions between running into a creature on the field and initiating combat. Battles are an real-time and each character exhibits a unique moveset, along the lines of something found in the 'Tales of' series. Linna can use her instrument to call upon a tornado, and Agunamu can utilize large explosions of flame in battle. Kouryuu can also transform into his dragon state when needed.

Check out the screenshots and character artworks below.

Shining Resonance Screenshots and Artwork