Shining Resonance introduces a new party member, season melodies, and weather system

Revealed in Famitsu magazine a few weeks back, a new character has joined the party for Shining Resonance. His name is Lesti Sera Alma and he is a halberd wielding Dragoner, as well as Kirika's older brother.

In addition, Kirika and the cast can perform melodies that correspond to each of the four seasons. When a performance is done, Kirika's outfit will change to reflect that. For example, her autumn outfit is red-orange like an autumn leaf. Each of these songs bring a beneficial effect in battle - Autumn speeds up character movement.

Finally, there is a weather system in place for Shining Resonance. Which creatures you meet out on the field will change depending on the current weather state. An NPC named Stella is available to clue you in on what forecasts to expect when you enter the explorable areas. There are also search points that can be found on the field to obtain a variety of items.

Check out the screenshots below. Shining Resonance releases in Japan on December 11th.

Shining Resonance Screenshots and Artwork