Vanillaware Focuses on MMO Genre

During an interview with, Vanillaware CEO George Kamitami revealed that his company's dream project is to do something bigger and better than what they have done before, and that is to release on online RPG to the public.

Members on the team, including George (who served as Art Director), had worked on Square-Enix's other MMO, Fantasy Earth for a number of years, and feel like they want to jump back into the genre and have another go.

During the interview, George talked about how excited they are about strategy games after him and his team loved playing StarCraft around the office while working on Odin Sphere.

"We wanted to put some RTS components into Fantasy Earth, even, but it didn't work out in the end with that project. That's a field I'd definitely like to revisit at some point."

A 2D Online RTS from the creators of some of the most beautifully hand-drawn visuals to appear in games? Sign us up.

Vanillaware's latest project, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, is already out in Japan, and will be released September 8th in America and sometime during November in Europe.

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