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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release next year


Square Enix is showing off Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to press in non-playable form at PAX 2014, and has revealed some key information regarding the title. IGN was first to post their interview with Director Hajime Tabata, and while he couldn't be specific on when fans might be able to play the game, he mentioned it was around 80% complete.

Kotaku was able to glean some more information from Tabata, revealing that we should see Type-0 some time next year. Tabata revealed that the HD version of the game started development in the latter half of 2012, and it will contain all of the original content and nothing more aside from HD visuals, updated controls favoring two analogue sticks, and the addition of four difficulty settings.

Tabata says their reasoning for releasing the game on the newest consoles is an attempt to migrate the fanbases towards the latest hardware on which Final Fantasy XV will eventually release. He also felt that the big screen experience more closely accomplishes what he set out to do with Final Fantasy Type-0.

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