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Square Enix announces Dragon Quest Heroes

Square Enix just took up a little bit of time at Sony Compunter Entertainment Japan and Asia's annual pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference to show off an unexpected new game - a Dragon Quest spin-off developed by Dynasty Warriors (Musou) series studio Omega Force. 

The spin-off, Dragon Quest Heroes, appears to play like the Dynasty Warriors titles, showing classic Dragon Quest enemies en masse being cut down by familiar-looking characters. The usual over-the-top flair of the Musou games seems to be there, as does the scale, with tons of enemies in sight. The trailer boasts that the game will also feature action RPG elements.

This isn't the first time Omega Force has married their unique and strangely addictive gameplay to other franchises - the team has created a number of successful spin-offs paired with Gundam, and their most recent title is a merging of Zelda and Musou, Hyrule Warriors. 

Dragon Quest Heroes is set to launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and a special edition PS4 console featuring Dragon Quest's infamous Slime was also debuted at the event and will launch alongside the game in Japan. Check out the trailer below.

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