Dragon Age: Origins Special Edition Announced

EA has announced the Special Edition of Dragon Age: Origins today at GamesCom Germany.

The special edition of the game will include an exclusive steelbook case, a cloth map of the game world, a making of documentary on DVD, a digital copy of the game soundtrack, concept art and three exclusive Downloadable Items for use in-game.

The first download included with the special edition is The Stone Prisoner, which will give players access to Shale, a mighty stone golem who can become an incredibly powerful party member and unlocks several quests regarding his back-story. This download will have new environments to explore and new items to obtain, and will cost those without the special edition $15 seperately as a digital download.

The second download comes in the form of the Blood Dragon Armor, which is exclusive to the Special Edition of the game. This exclusive armor is not only cool looking but also transcends the world of Dragon Age - as by downloading it, players will also be able to equip it to Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 2.

We'll bring more on Dragon Age including a full review when it launches.

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