Shining Resonance full website launches, new screenshots & opening movie released

Sega has relaunched the official website for upcoming PlayStation 3 JRPG Shining Resonance, now with more info on the characters and systems found in the game. You can check it out at  The layout of the page shows which members are affiliated with the Dragoners and which are affiliated with a group called Beowulf, a knight organization controlled by the church. Sega also released the opening movie for the game which you can find below.

A few more antagonist characters have also been revealed, and are at odds with the main cast introduced previously. One of which is Marion Lu Shila, a young boy wielding a large cannon. He is a creation of Joachim Rubens, a researcher in the field of dark magic. Several more screenshots show off combat stills as well as the BAND system, which grants bonuses to the party during combat depending on the make-up of the performing group. 

Finally, Japanese pre-orders allow players to dress up some of the characters in marching band like costumes. Everything can be seen in the gallery below.

Shining Resonance  releases on December 11th in Japan.

Shining Resonance Screenshots and Artwork