PS3 Slim officially announced

The PS3 Slim that has been rumored for a long time has finally been confirmed. Like the PS2 Slim, it will be lighter, thinner, and classier. It comes with a 120GB drive and will be 32% smaller and 36% lighter than the standard PlayStation 3, as well as using 34% less power. It will have two USB ports and a matte finish. The Slim version will be available this September.

The BRAVIA sync feature will allow people to use their Sony remote with the PS3 and the console will automatically turn off when the TV turns off.

The price point, $300, will not only apply to the PS3 Slim, but to 80GB models starting tomorrow. The 160 GB PS3 will be $400.

Combine all of this with the news that PS2 backward compatibility might return, the PS3 may soon be a worthwhile purchase.

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