Versus XIII takes a back seat to Playable FFXIII at TGS

In an interview with this week's Famitsu magazine Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show as part of Square Enix employing a new strategy at the popular show.

This year there will not be a 'closed' area fans have to queue up to go inside to see new trailers, and instead of showing off games that are years away from release the company will focus on playable demos of titles that are close to release. Mr. Nomura particularly highlighted Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Dissidia Universal Tuning, the newly announced 'international' version of Dissidia for Japan.

With Final Fantasy XIII still on track for a Winter 2009 release in Japan, this will be the first time that anyone outside of extremely limited press showings have gone hands-on with the latest builds of the game.

With every bit of good news there's also some bad, too - this new change of strategy means that TGS will not have any new trailers, screens or other footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII or Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday.

We'll bring you all the TGS news from the show when it begins!

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