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Square Enix release 3 minutes of Final Fantasy XV tech demo footage

The folks over at Square Enix Japan have just put out a direct feed YouTube copy of the Final Fantasy XV technical demo that was first debuted a few weeks ago in Paris.

While the footage lacks any of the interesting developer commentary that was found at the Paris Expo (discussion & translations of which can be found on our sister site's message board), the video does give a solid glimpse into the technology being used to build and power the game.

On a technical level Final Fantasy XV is a strange game, as it's still using some of the early tech that powered it as Final Fantasy Versus XIII under the hood, combining that with elements from Square Enix's Luminous Engine, an expensive investment which strangely isn't being used for Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix's other big Japanese triple-A bet.

While not strictly powered by one engine, then, much about FF15 looks incredibly impressive, as this video demonstrates. Check it out for yourself below, and remember you can see all the other recent FF15 news through our dedicated game page.

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