Dark Horse and Funcom create unique 'Age of Conan' comic

Funcom has announced that the very creative team at Dark Horse will be creating a comic for the release of Age of Conan - Hyboardian Adventures that will tie directly into the main storyline. Conan advisors like Cary Nord, Scott Allie, Gaute Godager, Tim Truman and Tone Rodriguez are also apart of the creation. 400,000 copies will be released at the Comic Convention this summer.

"All of us at Dark Horse are truly excited to see one of our favorite properties brought to life in the video game world," commented Mike Richardson from Dark Horse Comics. “We are very impressed with what Funcom has done with the Conan license, and we have worked closely with them on this project to ensure consistency in story and art direction. The end result will take the character in new and exciting directions beyond the pages of the comic itself."