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Bloodborne screenshots introduce new environments, characters, and monsters

Sony Computer Entertainment has posted some new media and information for Bloodborne, now set to release on PlayStation 4 in March. We are given a look at both previously revealed environments and characters and some new ones found in and around the setting city of Yharnam. We see the graveyard and abandoned cathedral and the creatures that inhabit those locations, as well as some of the characters found in the game. One of which is named Gyula, a skilled veteran hunter who is said to possess amazing skill. 

Players will find a variety of available weapon types to use in Bloodborne, including shotguns, transforming saw blades, axes, twin blades and massive hammer. From Software promises that the weapon variety will offer unique play styles and strategy to leverage Bloodborne’s more pro-active combat style.

Check out the full details over on the PlayStation Blog. We have the images and artwork in the galley below. Note, some of these are old images that slipped by us in September.

Bloodborne Screenshots and Artwork

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