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Dragon Quest Heroes media update

The more information is revealed about Dragon Quest Heroes, I feel like the more comfortable people seem to be getting about this product. What was initially thought to be another Musou title in the vein of something like Hyrule Warriors from earlier this year appears to have more of the Action RPG trappings you would want from this very traditional series. Akira Toriyama's art also looks amazing in high definition and makes one really admire what the man is able to illustrate, culminating into what is arguably the best-looking Dragon Quest game to date.

During last week's Jump Festa event in Tokyo, Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest IV's villain will Psaro the Manslayer be a playable character

You can take a look at a new batch of screenshots in the gallery below. I have also gone ahead and posted a new high quality gameplay video from the Jump Festa presentation featuring a battle with a Gigantes which you can find above.

Dragon Quest Heroes Gallery

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