Etrian Mystery Dungeon - First-print bonus and Protector class revealed

Atlus has revealed a few more tidbits for Etrian Mystery Dungeon. In the gallery below, we have new screenshots and artwork for the Protector class, with high DEF and a big shield, these guys can soak up quite the pounding. Also be sure to check out the video.

Additionally, Atlus has revealed the bonus inside every launch copy of Etrian Mystery Dungeon.


Available in the launch edition of Etrian Mystery Dungeon on Nintendo 3DS, the "Sights & Sounds of Mystery" bonus is a special prize reserved only for the most impassioned of explorers. Secure your ownership of the North American-exclusive collectible outer box that contains a limited edition CD-book package. The "Rough Sketch Ver." soundtrack CD contains six "rough" versions of the musical themes found in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. The 28-page book contains art and information to aid you in cultivating the best party to help you triumph inside the mystery dungeons.   

Etrian Mystery Dungeon releases on April 7th in North America.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Screenshots and Artwork