Dissidia: Final Fantasy coming to arcades

During the Japan Amusement Expo being held in Chiba, Square Enix announced that their hybrid fighting game RPG series Dissidia would be making its way to arcades across the country later this year.

Not a whole lot is known at the moment outside of it making us of a 3-on-3 combat system and having a different look compared to its portable brethren, but the game certainly looks pretty damn good as you can see in the trailer above - taking the character designs from both old characters and new and throwing them into the high-definition arena.

Among the conversation, it was announced that Y'shtola from Final Fantasy 14 would be making an appearance, but the developer stated that they weren't going to comment on if any Final Fantasy 15 characters would be entering the fray.

Square Enix will be holding a press conference on April 10th in order to share more details, so for now, enjoy the teaser above. You can also visit the official site.

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