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First screenshots and trailer for Ray Gigant

After a week long teaser website, Bandai Namco has revealed PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler Ray Gigant, the latest from Experience Inc (Demon Gaze, Operation Abyss). The official website has opened and a teaser trailer has been released.

Gematsu translated some information from the debut article in Dengeki PlayStation.The game takes place in June 20XX, and giant Gigant Monsters threaten to bring the world to its destruction. Each of the three main characters (Ichiya, Kyle, and Nil, in the above image) will be the lead for their own chapter and will be supported by two other characters. The first two are Mana and Kazou.

Several debut artworks and screenshots can be seen in the gallery below. The game is set to release this Summer in Japan.

Ray Gigant Screenshots and Artwork

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