Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Overview Trailer and screenshots

Square Enix has shared a new video and some screenshots today highlighting the English version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD with a gameplay overview. The video offers up a good variety of what fans can expect including gameplay, cutscenes, a look at the world map and more.

The trailer features:

  • The history and environments of the war-torn Kingdom of Orience
  • The fourteen brave young warriors of Class Zero
  • The action-packed battle system, with customizable magic spells
  • The ability to summon fearsome monsters known as Eidolons

Note: the trailer contains some spoilers.

Square Enix America also confirmed the existence of the secret movie that will be included in the HD version of the game. The mystery behind that will be revealed when players reach certain conditions in the main story.

Of course, no Type-0 HD trailer is complete without plugging Final Fantasy XV’s demo. Near the end, we’re reminded once again of the bonus that’ll come bundled with every first print copy of the game, available in March.

via Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Screenshots