Etrian Mystery Dungeon introduces the Hexer


Atlus USA has revealed another class for Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the Hexer. Although they aren't the best in dealing out raw damage, these allies can cause all sorts of misery for the enemy. Atlus' trailer and introduction is below. 

In Etrian Mystery Dungeon, there are two kinds of monsters: There are those who don't mess with Hexers, and there are those that do. Those that don't go on to live their happy little monster lives with their happy little families in their happy little forests. But those that do... well... those that do go on to wish they didn't, living out the rest of their very short lives in despair and agony, forever cursed. And you know what I tell them? I tell them that if someone was walking toward me in a dark cloak with crazy eyes and a cursing chime hanging around their neck, that I WOULDN'T TOUCH THEM WITH A TEN FOOT POLE.

You see, a Hexer is someone who doesn't appreciate being looked at funny. A Hexer is the type of person who can cast a Cranial Curse on you and not even blink. Don't get me wrong, they're among the greatest of allies. But for them, flinging hexes and curses that debuff, poison, and bind their enemies' limbs is what they love. You know how your Mom always tells you to turn your passion into a career? Well, their Moms did, too. And you'll be glad they did when you're walking through rooms littered with bodies felled by your Hexer's hand. 

You can find the previous Dancer class introduction here. Etrian Mystery Dungeon launches on April 7th in NA.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Screenshots